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The global migration phenomenon and its impact on missions and the believer's responsibility in this matter are the topics of this issue. Visit our blog.

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Missionary Conference

The 2015 Mission Conference‒”The Invisible World: Expanding Our Vision”‒placed an impressive challenge before the students of Rio Grande Bible College (RGBC) and others who attended. The question to be answered after all the information was presented was this: What will you do in response to the great need that exists in our world today? Below, we present a summary of Sessions 4 and 5 of the conference.Resumen Conferencias Misioneras

During the fourth session the speaker David Sills (@DavidSills) talked about how the believer should answer to his missionary call. Sills encouraged the students to work with ethnic groups. More than half of those ethnic groups have never heard the gospel. He said “Out of all the graduates from seminaries around the United States 95% of them stay in United States and only 5% goes out to work in another country”. Read More

Hope in Chiapas

On Friday March 14th Missionary Club met once more in the facilities Rio Grande Bible College (RGBC). This time Brother Rogelio Noguera, alumnus and missionary in Chiapas (Mexico), shared with students his experiences with this community.

Using photographs he talked about the persecution that many of these indigenous brothers suffer today. He explained that many of them are threatened, displaced and forced to leave their homes and crops to follow God. He also told about his work of training leaders and the ways in which God works in the lives of these believers.


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