Missionary Conference

From March 25-28, Rio Grande Bible College will present its annual Missions Conference.

David Sills

Our guest speaker is David Sills, who is professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as a missionary among the Quichuas peoples of the Altiplano Andino, Ecuador and also as president and professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Ecuador.

At the conference there will be workshops on the topics of immigration, globalization, human exploitation, poverty and urbanization, as well as how Christians can make missions a social reality. Those who attend will have opportunity to meet representatives of participating mission agencies and dialogue with them.

What is my role in missions?

Again, students of the Bible school, language school and members of staff gathered for Missionary Club. On this occasion, brother Patricio Oliva, the president of the mission agency Adelphos of Chile, conducted a training workshop where he spoke about the different roles that must be taken into account to fulfill God's purpose in missionary work.


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