Pastoring the Pastors Conference

Pastoring the Pastors conferenceWe are very excited to be able to announce to you the next event that we will have as an institution. This is the conference for pastors and leaders, which is now a part of our annual programming as an institution.

In less than 2 weeks we will welcome “Pastoring the Pastors”. This year we will be dealing with the theme of “Reaching the Emergent Generation”. In this conference we will be covering themes of vital importance for pastors and leaders of our congregations––themes that will help pastors better understand the new generations and so be able to minister to them with the message of evangelism.

This year we have the privilege of presenting this conference in two locations––the location of our institution RGBI (4300 S. Business hwy 281, Edinburg TX) and also the location of the city of Reynosa (Iglesia Cristiana Gracia Abundante, Venustiano Carranza Num 2010, CP 88599 Reynosa, Tamaulipas). Click here to view the schedule.

Pastoring the Pastors Conference - "Reaching the Emergent Generation"
Thursday and Friday, the 16th and 17th of October

Edgar Allan Perdomo (Honduras)
Pastor Carlos Velez (Puerto Rico)
Pastor Antonio Muñoz (México)

About Our Names

Question: I’ve seen Rio Grande Bible Institute, Rio Grande Bible Ministries, and Rio Grande Bible College in your publications. What is the difference?

Answer: Yes, it can be confusing. Let us explain:

(1) Rio Grande Bible Institute is the historical and official name of our organization, which we will be using less often in the future.
(2) Rio Grande Bible Ministries is the new title that we use to indicate all the divisions and branches of our organization (Bible College, Language School, Radio Esperanza, video, bookstore, etc.).
(3) Rio Grande Bible College replaces Bible Institute as the title of our main academic division.


Rio Grande Bible Institute, Inc. is incorporated as a religious, nonprofit organization under the laws of the State of Texas. Its tax-deductible receipts are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and its financial records are audited annually by an independent accounting firm.



DeoctrineThe general doctrinal position of Rio Grande Bible Ministries may be described as adherent to the view of man's universal depravity, his free will, and the security of the believer; dispensational in interpretation and biblically fundamental in doctrine.