One of Rio Grande's newest ministries is located six miles from the campus. Bibleville, established in 1975, is a Bible Conference Center with about 500 residents. It also hosts hundreds of other Winter Texans and local friends at its Bible conferences and music concerts throughout the winter months. Desiring greater missions involvement, Bibleville became a part of the Institute in 1993, adding a whole new group of prayer and ministry partners to the growing RGBI family.
Homecoming 2009: Then and Now

Our activities include Bible studies, crafts, dinners and fellowship times.

Bibleville is a non-denominational Bible Conference Center near Alamo, Texas, where “Winter Texans” share their faith and participate in varied activities from November through April.

A spacious 800-seat auditorium, palm-lined streets, Christian neighbors, and mission-centered activities make Bibleville an attractive and desirable place to spend the winter.

Although we have mobile home and R.V. hookups, we are not primarily a mobile home park.  Our main emphasis is to minister to Winter Texans and be part of the missionary work of Rio Grande Bible Institute.   








The Conference Grounds is a fully developed Christian ministry center with nearly 100 hook-up spaces and 180 leased lots for mobile homes to house more than 500 senior citizens.

Recent expansion will allow development of more parking. Long range planning includes other improvements to accommodate Bibleville’s growth.


Contact us at:

Bibleville Conference Grounds

1346 N. Cesar Chavez Rd.
Alamo, TX 78516-6895
(956) 787-2024
FAX: (956) 787-3612