Bible College

Bible College Students

To the Latin American students who study here, Rio Grande Bible College is the place where they prepare to serve the rapidly growing but needy Latin American church. The Rio Grande Bible College began in 1947 and continues to be the core of this ministry.

God has prospered both schools. More than 6,000 people, mainly from Latin and North America, have come to study.

The Bible College curriculum offers pastoral, women’s ministries, Christian education, and missions majors within our Bachelor of Biblical Studies program. All of the classes are taught in Spanish. We also offer a one-year Certificate of Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Spanish and Latin American culture. Not all the learning is done in the classroom. Each weekend the students go to churches and street corners across the Rio Grande Valley to share the good news of salvation with Spanish-speaking people.

This experience gives opportunity to put their training into practice, touching the lives of men, women, youth, and children with the claims of Christ. Three factors allow student fees to be kept to a minumum:

  1. Our dedicated staff, who serve as missionaries and raise their own support through churches, friends, and family;
  2. The work-study program, which allows students to work on campus; and
  3. Friends of the school, who give to help provide the difference between student fees and actual room and board costs.