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Our Mission

The Rio Grande Bible Institute (RGBI) exists to glorify God by serving the Hispanic church through equipping leaders, edifying believers, and evangelizing the lost.


  • Evangelism : Each semester the students of Rio Grande Bible College have an evangelism emphasis, once during Thanksgiving and during Easter week in the spring. This semester the students will be involved in door-to-door evangelism with a purpose of starting several new churches in our area.

Message from the President

Lawrance Windle

"We find ourselves at an important juncture in time at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. Our greatest desire is to be truly effective in our ministry here. We want to produce men and women who have been definitely impacted through our ministry; men and women who manifest Godly character and integrity; who know and handle the Word well; who demonstrate a solid doctrinal understanding and proficiency; who have an accurate and intimate knowledge of the world's needs and a vision for ministry; and who embrace a personal commitment to the task of making disciples of all nations."  Dr. Lawrence B. Windle

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